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3 Pinterest-Inspired Fairy-tale Birthday Party Themes Ready to go!

We know it takes just the right amount of magic dust to pull off a Pinterest-Inspired and Insta-worthy fairy-tale party. Seeking the right balance of style, creativity and DIY fun can be exhausting and so time-consuming. We’ve all been there and we’ve all gone down that magical internet rabbit hole that puts us in a tailspin of excitement and leaves us with the “how am I going to pull this off?” feeling.

Of course, grabbing everything “fairy” from the online big brands is easy but you know it’s risky and you’ll end up with some sub-par items that give you a little guilt. You think about going to those big box stores, but you know the selection is always the same for each theme and it would leave you feeling a bit…well… average. And you and I both know If you are reading this then you are not looking for “average” but rather something that will make you Instagram proud.

You’re in luck! We’ve spent countless hours seeking fairy party products from all over the world so that you don’t have to. We’ve sought out conscious companies, Etsy shop-owners, homemakers, and small business owners to find the most creative fairy products and DIY activities and we have put together 3 amazing Pinterest-Inspired Fairy tale birthday party themes just for you. All the curated themes are boxed and ready to ship right to you from Boxx My Party!

Unicorn Party Theme

Ready to make some unicorn magic? This Unicorn Party theme Boxx is so full of surprises that your Little's fanciful dreams are sure to come true. From the reusable unicorn banner to the thoughtful ombre table-scape, this Unicorn Boxx even includes a take-home whimsical DIY wood painting unicorn craft. The lucky birthday goer will feel extra special wearing their Boxx My Party exclusive sparkly unicorn clip which features unique tulle and ribbon detail. This Unicorn-Themed Boxx is truly magical.

Butterflies and Fairy Theme

This Butterflies and Fairies Boxx might be the prettiest party-set-up in the entire fairy world. There is fairy magic everywhere. From the 3D Fairy garland to the hanging flower pom poms and the big, rimmed butterfly plates, this Boxx is sure to delight. And to make it even more magical, this Boxx includes fairy temporary tattoos AND a fairy DIY craft so all the party goers can create their very own 3D magic fairy-wand.

Enchanted Garden Theme

Welcome your mini party-goers to a land far far away, where fairy wants and floating butterflies elegantly abound. The perfect party theme or your little prince princess, the Enchanted Garden Theme Boxx includes a custom DIY butterfly sun-catcher party craft. Your Little is sure to feel the love and enchantment on their special day.

Don't settle when it comes to fairy tale birthday theme parties! This is your moment to make magic happen, honor your child, and make amazing memories. Celebrations are important and if you focus on your child, get creative, and make it full of things they love, it will be successful!

Be sure to check out Boxx My Party's own curated and Pinterest-Inspired Fairy-Tale birthday themes all ready to unbox and setup for a party of 8. Now which Fairy type are you; Unicorns, Butterflies & Fairies or Enchanted Gardens?


Traci Lipple Founder, Boxx My Party


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