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Eco -Journey


Think about all the waste generated by just one child’s birthday party: the balloons, the single-use cutlery, the plastic tablecloths, the list goes on. Although birthdays are happy life moments that should be celebrated, we were determined at Boxx My Party to find a way to supply the celebration without harming the Planet. So, every component is thoughtfully curated with the earth in mind. We recognize that being earth conscious is a journey and it will take some time. But everyone has to start somewhere, right? Boxx My Party is committed to sustainable practices. We want to help you help our Planet in every way we can, together. Part of this collective commitment is designing all Boxx themes to be recycled and/or reused. 

Inside your box, you’ll find wood utensils instead of plastic, long-lasting DIY fun instead of single-use party favors, compostable packaging instead of throw-away, and most exciting is the reusability of your Boxx decor!  You’ll be able to reuse much of your Boxx products for years to come throughout future parties, as repurposed decor in your kids’ rooms, or even to pass along to family and friends. All the pretty of traditional party decor, with more quality for you, and more care for the Planet. You also may receive “twice loved packaging” when we ship. In other words, you may get a pre-used box that has been turned instead out. But just know, it is twice loved and your earth will thank you. Our Boxx themes are not only modern, trendy and Insta-worthy but they also come with earth conscious décor, table essentials + DIY activities that will delight your littles for days to come. 

Permission to high-five yourself. Boxx My Party makes it possible to celebrate your loved ones AND save the planet.

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