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Top 5 Kids Birthday Party Trends in 2023 from Modern Mamas

As someone who is deep in the trenches of amazing kids’ parties, I see a shift in the way modern mamas are thinking. They want higher-quality products with less time searching. They want the “Pinterest-inspired” look without all of the scrolling of a million pins. They want the “wow factor” without overdoing it. And throughout it all, they are taking a bigger stance in thinking about sustainability.

Say goodbye to excessive balloons and plastic-toy filled party favors, bring on the BIG oversized and reusable table decorations and be sure to include a party DIY experience they can take with them. Do it all with the earth in mind.

Ready to host your next kid’s party like a modern mama? Here are the top 5 Kids Birthday Party Trends for in 2023 from Modern Mamas.

1.) Think Sustainability: Reduce, Recycle and Repurpose

You can’t call yourself a modern mama if you are not thinking about the environment. Climate change is real, and your everyday actions will help create a better future. Think about all the waste typically generated with just one child’s birthday party; balloons, single-use cutlery and decorations, plastic tablecloths, the list goes on. Modern mamas are taking action by using these best practices to be more sustainable.

  • Using décor and banners that can be reused, recycled pr repurposed

  • Choosing eco-friendly alternatives to balloon garlands like party fans made from paper that make a huge visual impression and can be packed up and saved to use again and again.

  • Buying from conscious companies, homemakers, or small businesses instead of the big-box stores.

  • Saying no to plastics and using alternatives like bamboo cutlery

Be the leader in sustainability and they will follow!

Want to be ECO inspired? Follow Monica Richards @theecobabe to see how she is full-blown on a live mission to teach what we do matters. And she is always up to something cool.

2.) Go BIG on the WOW Factor

Big doesn’t have to mean more. Modern Mamas have this trick. They make one BIG area as a focal point and they always keep in mind the question of “will this spot be Insta-worthy”? They use a “celebration” table and overload it with cake, cupcakes, and snacks. They throw up a colorful backdrop with reusable banners and paper fans for dimensions behind the table to make it a great photo op too. They use simple accessories like cake stands and props to provide multi- levels. Can you say Insta-worthy anyone? (Because, let’s be real….that kind of matters)

Want to be inspired by that WOW FACTOR? Follow @twinkletwinklelittleparty, @catchmyparty @sophiemorganjones @sweetgardencreations to see some of my favorite party trend setters!

3.) Choose Quality Over Quantity

Quality over quantity is a hard concept to understand – especially for Americans who are so used to consumerism overload and having everything in excess. Cheap items mean you can get more and when you have more it gives you a feeling of abundance but where do you draw the line? Do you really need all those plastic toys? Those balloons have a one-time use. (cough…cough…a one time use that will take 450 years to decompose)

The sooner everyone understands that LESS IS MORE, the better shape our future will be. Modern mamas seek out quality over quantity. They seek ideas on Pinterest rather then overpaying for that packaged set made in China that you find from that big box store. Modern mamas like the challenge of finding something unique and high-quality. This trend is picking up more and more and we are here for it!

Follow @martasauretgreca for one of my favorite minimalists. She says it like it is and she’s pretty funny!

4.) Add a DIY Take Home Craft to the Experience

There is nothing like a good DIY craft and especially when it comes to kids’ parties! DIY can not only be part of the fun activity, but it can also give partygoers something they can take home and cherish. Just imagine your child bringing home a beautiful 3D-fairy wand made from wood that she put together, painted, and tied ribbon too. Modern Mamas know DIY projects are the best way to take the memories from the special day with them to live on. Etsy literally has EVERYTHING. Whatever theme you are dreaming up, you can find a fun DIY activity to go with it from Etsy.

Just search any word associated with what your theme is in Etsy and I promise you will have LOTS of options.

Our favorite will always be Whisker Works . Check out all their handmade happiness! You can find them on Etsy too!

5.) Utilize a Curated Party Theme Kit and Save Time

The word “curate” is at it’s all-time peak. Modern mamas are turning to other experts to curate just about everything from clothes to vacations to meals. Parties are no different. There are experts like Boxx My Party (my personal favorite..wink wink) whose main purpose is to create magical party themes that include all the décor, table essentials and DIY experiences all boxed up and ready for you to set-up! It costs the same as purchasing all the items individually but it saves you time and provide you more creative power then you ever thought you had.

We hope you consider these Top 5 Kids Birthday Party Trends in 2023 and join Modern Mamas from around the world to create the next generation sustainable birthday parties!

Visit Boxx My Party or follow us at @boxxmyparty on Instagram, Pinterest or Facebook to find unique, eco and sustainable kids party inspiration.


Traci Lipple

Founder Boxx My Party

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