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5 Eco-conscious Kids Party Shops You Need to Know About

Updated: Jul 22, 2022

Here’s the thing. Party waste is real. Think about all the waste generated by just one child’s birthday party: the balloons, the single-use cutlery, the plastic tablecloths. The list goes on. Although celebrations are happy life moments that should be recognized, we all need to start thinking about ways to supply celebrations without harming the planet.

The world is changing. More and more companies are finding their way through their own eco-journeys, but it’s just not happening fast enough. Not only do companies need to reevaluate sourcing and manufacturing strategies, but consumers need to change their mindsets. But will it be too late? Is that a risk you are willing to take?

Here's the kicker to it all. It is actually EASY to celebrate in a modern and more sustainable way.

As the founder of Boxx My Party, a modern party shop full of conscious kids’ party products and well-curated kids’ eco-party themes, I began to wonder how many other shops had similar eco-driven missions.

The truth? Not many. But they do exist! We’ve searched the entire globe and found these 5 eco-conscious kids party companies that are committed to sustainable practices without sacrificing any quality in their party décor and party supplies. And they all pass the super-cute, insta-worthy, I-will-be-proud test. Check them out!

5 Eco-Conscious Kids Party Companies You Should Know

Wiley Party Co is a Canadian company that creates recycled and recyclable paper decorations for all your events! They love celebrating and they don’t love waste! All the decorations are handmade from pre-loved books and reclaimed papers that are rescued and given new life in the form of letter banners, dot garlands and custom shapes for special occasions. There’s no need to buy new, disposable décor when eco-friendly options are easy and fun! And they ship to the US and Canada!

The Conscious Party Co specializes in beautiful, high-quality, eco-friendly party bags. Their Eco Party Bags are made from natural cotton and filled to the brim with plastic-free sensory toys that promote open-ended imagination play. Not only will your guests love them, parents will love them too, as a great way for their child to calm down after an amazing party . There's no plastic destined for the trash, and no tantrums or sugar crashes found in their party bags! When designing their Eco Party Bags they consciously considered the child, the family and our beautiful planet. The Conscious Party Co is based in Perth, Western Australia and ships Australia wide.

D'light Eco Party is a party store for compostable, reusable, and upcycled party supplies. Your purchase supports small businesses within the United States that are sustainably responsible (without greenwashing!). Their focus is on cute, creative parties while keeping the well-being of the planet in mind. One of their best sellers is their seed paper decorations - they can be planted and turned into flowers after use! The most important element of being an eco-friendly business is the disposability of the products they sell. For that reason, every product includes instructions for responsible disposal or reuse.

The Good Party Co is an online party store that offers products and inspiration to help people gift and celebrate sustainably. It began in 2020, when Anika, a Melbourne mum of two young boys, found kids’ parties to be a "disposable plastic

nightmare!” Necessity being the mother of invention, The Good Party Co. was conceived. Her aim is to provide better options to the plastic status quo, and to encourage people to think more sustainably. The store also serves to promote small and local traders who are aligned with the store’s ethos. The store’s offering includes a consciously curated range of decoration, tableware, kids’ party wares, small gifts, gift wrap and greeting cards.

Boxx My Party specializes in Pinterest-Inspired kids party themes that include all the

décor, modern table essentials and DIY fun needed for a party of 8. Everything is shipped in a “twice-loved” package right to your front door. These themes are thoughtfully curated and so Insta-worthy, you’ll want to have your camera ready. The party boxes include so much beautiful décor and unique details, and they even include one-of-a-kind themed DIY activities for the kids to do at the party and take home as party favors.

Remember that no matter where in the world you are to always keep the earth in mind when you host your celebrations. Simple and small changes like using wood utensils instead of plastic, lasting party favors instead of single-use, compostable packaging instead of throw-away, and using décor that can be recycled, reused or better yet, repurposed.

Or just look a little deeper and you can find companies in all parts of the world like Boxx My Party, Wiley &Co, D'light Eco Party, The Good Party Co, and The Conscious Party Co who are making it their life mission to help guide you. These amazing shops are making it possible to celebrate your loved ones AND save the planet.

Come join our collective commitment to reuse, recycle and repurpose where you can. We are all on this eco-journey together!


Traci Lipple Founder, Boxx My Party

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