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4 Tips for Throwing a Pinterest-inspired Kid’s Birthday Party

Are you the mom who starts planning next year’s birthday party themes the day after the last birthday party? Or are you the mom who wants to be, well, "that mom” but just doesn’t have the time, interest, or creativity to plan all the details?

Wherever you fall in the planning spectrum, we are here to put you at ease and give you our 4 tips for throwing a Pinterest-inspired kid’s party theme with ease.


First, let’s start with what is important. Instead of looking at kid's birthday party planning as a task, think of it as an opportunity to:

  • Honor your child

  • Make memories

  • Encourage friendships

  • Teach children to celebrate others

  • Show off their unique interests

Celebrations are important and should not be stressful. Just remember, If you focus on the child, get creative, and make It full of things they love, it will be successful! You don’t need to be a supermom to do this!

Here are 4 tips to throwing that Pinterest-Inspired Kid's Birthday Party Theme

1. Make an Entrance

Remember the saying, “it’s all about the first impression”? Well this applies to birthday parties too! Your first impression is important, so determine where that first impression will be. Is it the front door? Is it the steps going down to the basement? Is it the top of the driveway? Wherever that “FIRST” impression is going to be, do it up! Show your party goers right from the start that this is a special day and get them in the mindset to celebrate.

2. Create a Wow Factor Central “Celebration” Table

Your “celebration” table should be the WOW Factor. This should be where the cake or cupcakes are featured. Use this table to place a variety of snacks and sweets. Use props to provide multiple levels. Use colorful wall decorations like party fans and birthday banners to center around the celebration table. Think of this area as a nice backdrop for photos too! Check out how Boxx My Party displayed the wow factor table for the Sloth Theme Party.

3. GO OVERBOARD on the Table Setting

Get a good idea of the number of attendees and set a complete table setting. The fuller the table looks

the more exciting and special it feels to your little. Make it stand out and transform it with a table cover, plates, utensils, cups, party hats, etc. Go overboard! Use your colors to bring out the theme. Sprinkle with confetti and make sure you set a special seat for the birthday goer. Check out how Boxx My Party bring the Magic Theme Party to life.

4. Organize a DIY Activity Party Takeaway that can Live On.

Now that you are on your way to hosting a great party, plan a fun activity that the kids can do AND take home with them. Display the activity so your party-goers get a look at what is to come. Here is an example of Boxx My Party's DIY Wood Unicorn Kit. Each kid gets their own Unicorn to paint and tie the yarn, too. DIY projects are the best as they make memories that they can then take with them to live on.

Throwing a Pinterest-inspired kids party is easier than you think. With these 4 tips, you can do it with ease and allow you to be a more present mom. Always remember the purpose to honor your child and make happy memories!


Traci Lipple Founder, Boxx My Party


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