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Calling all dino-fans: ready to party like it’s 65 million years ago!? And now you won’t have to spend another 65 million years cutting out dino shaped party props, because we’ve got you covered! Anything but old school, the DinoSAUR Boxx comes with 90 inches of perfect t-rex, stegosaurus and pterodactyl garland to display party-side, then repurposed to your child’s room for fun to come. Party theme even includes dino-masks, dino-hats, tropical leaves and a Boxx-exclusive dino suncatcher craft kit.

DinoSAUR Boxx

    • (1) Birthday dino banner (60 in) with numbers/letters included
    • (1) Dino garland, 90 inches, 15 pennants of cut out dinosaurs
    • (12) cupcake topper and wrappers
    • (1) Tropical palm leaf blue garland (8.5 ft)
    • (8) Tropical leaves for varying sizes for wall and table décor
    • (1) Pack of removable wall putty

More than 8 guests? Looking for Boxx Enhancements?

Shop A La Carte to add more sets to your Boxx.

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